Get to know us.

We’re a small and mighty team and a certified women-owned business fueled by years of experience and a genuine love for what we do. Your brand’s success matters to us — and we know you’ll feel that when we work together!

We are problem solvers, artists, content creators, brand builders, community engagers, strategic partners, quality-obsessed, avid learners, and believers of magic.

Know our bees are always buzzing in the hivemind…

searching for the next dollop of honey (aka results)


Role: Creative Director

AKA: Mind Reader & Magic Maker

Resident of: Nashville, Tennessee

Impractical desert island carry on: “A fish tank! It’s perfect! A tiny world to create, to watch, to care for. And.. if push comes to shove tiny fishy friends to eat.”

Secret Superpower:
Occasional van lifer and wife of a drummer. This girl handles chaos well. 

Sign: Taurus


Role: Account Manager

AKA: Ray of Sunshine

Resident of: Denver, Colorado

Impractical desert island carry on: “Melatonin. Girl’s gotta sleep still.”

Secret Superpower:
Secretly wants to dye her hair pink… will she or won’t she..

Sign: Cancer


Role: Account Manager

AKA: Walking Ad for Nespresso – Multi-talented Dynamite

Resident of: Brooklyn, Baby

Impractical desert island carry on: “A gallon of sunscreen. Handy? Yes. Practical size? Perhaps not.”

Secret Superpower:
Can make anything seem positive, including punching Olympia Dukakis in the face and she complimented my right hook.

Sign: Leo


Role: Lead Copywriter

AKA: Thought Bubble Projector, Metrics Maven

Resident of: Johannesburg, South Africa

Impractical desert island carry-on: “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, hard-back box set.” 

Secret Superpower:
Needs less sleep than your average human (or rather.. that’s the excuse for late-night gaming.)

Sign: Gemini


Role: Ops & Admin Support

AKA: Cat Wrangler & Magic 8 Ball

Resident of: Toronto, Canada

Impractical desert island carry-on: “My cat. She’s my soulmate, can’t go anywhere without her. Would she be useful out in the wild? Probably not.”

Secret Superpower:
She’s an actor! Catch her on your streaming services!

Sign: Aries


Role: Designer + Engagement Specialist

AKA: Creative Transponster

Resident of: World

Impractical desert island carry-on: “My chapstick. At least I won’t get chappy lips even when we have no fresh water to drink.”

Secret Superpower:
Avid traveler, never knowing what country she’ll wake up in tomorrow (in such a good way).

Sign: Virgo


Role: Copywriter

AKA: Word Stylist

Resident of: Texas & Mexico

Impractical desert island carry-on: “Lip balm please and thank you.” 

Secret Superpower:
Finding small joys throughout the day and making them my whole personality.

Sign: Libra 


Role: Paid Social & Email Marketing

AKA: Memo Messenger

Resident of: Phoenix, Arizona

Impractical desert island carry-on: “definitely my Fitbit! Steps still count on a desert island.”

Secret Superpower:
Will see the good in everything. 

Sign: Taurus


Role: Copywriter

AKA: Wandering Word Wizard

Resident of: Caye Caulker, Belize

Impractical desert island carry-on: “Definitely my cat. She lived as a stray on the island before I found her, so she knows the ropes.”

Secret Superpower:
Veganizing everything.

Sign: Leo

Meet Ashley, Our Founder

Hi there, I’m so thankful you’ve stumbled on our team page. I’ll tell you a secret – it’s one of my favorite places. Our team is the Quimby magic. They make the services so stellar because of who they are and the unique way they see the world.

Me? Well since you asked.. I’m a former commercial real estate attorney turned entrepreneur. I launched, scaled and sold an online digital magazine that grossed over 6,000 writers and was distributed internationally. After dabbling in just about every form of digital marketing, I launched Quimby Digital to help tell the stories of future forward brands through social media marketing. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve tripled in size, expanded our service offerings and been featured in multiple publications.

These days you can catch me on podcasts or on stage sharing about my passions: entrepreneurship, motherhood and mental health.

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