5 Metrics to Record for Social Growth

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Social Media | 0 comments

If you aren’t recording your numbers and reviewing what types of content perform best on your social media platforms, how will you optimize your content to create more reach, engagement, and conversions? Tracking your metrics is a must if you want to see growth and social media success, but with all the analytics platforms and tools offer, it can be hard to know what matters. Here are five metrics you should be recording each month in order to amplify your growth:

Metric 1: Follower Growth
Everyone wants to grow their followers and organic growth is the best growth, but what is considered a good month over month increase? 2% organic follower growth is considered good across most platforms. Creating engaging, shareable content will help get your content in front of new potential followers and increase your following. It’s always hard growing a new account from scratch but keep at it and you WILL see results!

Metric 2: Reach/Impressions
REACH is the total number of people who see your content, whereas IMPRESSIONS are the number of times your content is displayed, no matter if it was clicked or not. For this reason, if you only want to record one of these metrics, reach is the one to go. The higher your reach, the more potential you create for engagement, so it’s important to track what types of content are generating the most shares because shares will display your content on more feeds.

Metric 3: Engagements
Likes, comments, shares, replies, retweets, and saves are all forms of engagement, and all of these are important when recording your monthly metrics. Looking at each of these metrics will help you see which types of content resonate best with your audience and allow you to replicate campaigns that performed well. While all three of these metrics are important, comments and shares are the hardest forms of engagements to garner, and so creating sharable content and asking questions is a good way to increase these metrics.

Metric 4: Video Views
While views is an engagement metric, we wanted to call this out separately since video is snowballing right now. Tracking video views will equip you with information such as the effectiveness of feed videos vs. Reels on Instagram and which videos are resonating best with your audience. Different types of video content will work well on each platform, and so it’s also important to track your campaigns and see what is resonating best with each audience, and taking a look at your platform demographics will help you create video content that targets your top performing audience on each platform.

Metric 5: Link Clicks
Link clicks is also a form of engagement but when it comes to conversions, recording clicks to your website will allow you to see which types of posts are driving the most traffic to your site and also expose any issues with conversions. If you’re driving 1000 clicks to your website but you only made five sales last month, that allows you to take a deeper look into why people aren’t converting and make adjustments based on those findings.

*Bonus Tip: Setting realistic organic growth goals and quarterly benchmarks will encourage you to keep working on your social media strategy.