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Go On the LAM. With us. 

Laura Alexandria Marketing is finally starting a blog (and a newsletter, but more on that later). Welcome to On the LAM.

We’re not a regular agency. We’re a cool agency. Laura Alexandria Marketing was founded on authentic connection, transparent collaboration, and personal touchpoints with our clients. It’s almost like we’re all humans working together for a greater cause. 

And we want to expand on that.

On the LAM will feature a new piece every month. One blog post might help you grow your company’s social media following. Another piece might share important client updates. One of the pieces might even give you a glimpse into the women behind LAM. And if you have a topic you want us to cover, feel free to drop us a line

Now, on to what to expect with our newsletter.

Ready for your business to make a sLAM Dunk?

Signing up for our newsletter sLAM Dunk: Your Go-To Source for Digital Doings gets you a biweekly* roundup of all things social media straight to your email. (*Edited January 6, 2022)

We’ll share some of our best tips and tricks for social media success, new trends and viral content on different platforms, and accounts that are killing the game. Also, you’ll be the first to get an exclusive look at special LAM announcements. 

TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… there are a lot of social media platforms to keep track of, but you don’t have to do it alone. Also, they’re just the tip of the digital marketing iceberg. With brand identity, content marketing, influencer engagement, and website design becoming more important than ever, LAM is here to help.

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You’ll get to know us, and we want to get to know you.

We hope that our blogs and newsletters give you some of the tools you need to take your marketing to the next level! And if you want more LAM in your life, you can set up your free consultation here. We’re excited to get to know you, and we look forward to learning more about your business.

If you’re looking to drastically increase your business’s reach and impressions, steadily gain new organic followers, receive more profile page and website visits, and reinforce your brand presence across multiple social media platforms… our partnership could be the start of something great.

See you in your inbox! 

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