We Grew a Client by 20K+ Followers in TWO MONTHS (and how you can do the same)

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Social Media | 0 comments

While your specific goals for your social media strategy may vary, the overarching goals
that all businesses want to achieve are:

  1. Grow their following.
  2. Increase brand awareness.
  3. Convert. Convert. Convert.

How do we do this for our clients? Let’s break it down with Stardust period tracker—one
of our clients who recently blew up in the social space. Stardust created an app and
algorithm that syncs your cycle to the moon (we know, awesome, right?) offering cycle
forecasts and daily horoscopes and even allowing you to sync your cycle with your

We grew Stardust’s following from around 1K followers to 20K+ in TWO MONTHS on
Instagram and established a strong TikTok presence by sharing about the app, being real
and authentic with followers, and making sure that we tapped into trending
conversations that were timely and on brand while giving our client valuable advice
about what topics to engage with.

So in essence, offering the audience ENGAGING content grew Stardust’s following,
creating SHAREABLE content increased brand awareness, and encouraging the audience
to download their app, not through promotion, but by adding real VALUE to their lives
created organic conversions.

Here’s some expert advice to achieve the goals outlined above:

  1. How to grow your following: You can put out all the content in the world, but if you’re
    not going back and carrying on the conversation, you’re missing an opportunity to
    connect with your followers. Once you’ve identified your target demographic on each
    platform, you can then build a content and engagement strategy that supports your
    growth goals. Test different types of content, record your numbers so you can see what
    performs well, and stay up to date on the latest trends so that you can tap into those to
    garner more engagement which will ultimately gain you followers.
  2. Increase brand awareness: To increase brand awareness you first need a strong brand
    —make sure your branding is up to scratch and speaks to the values and soul of your
    business. Native advertising is a great way to increase awareness, but make sure you
    use someone who knows what they’re doing in the paid media space, or you’ll waste
    precious dollars. Finding other brand and influencers you can collaborate with increases
    credibility and reach. Tapping into trends and creating shareable content that adds value
    to your followers’ lives will create organic growth.
  3. Convert: This is the hardest part and the main goal, which means you really need to
    have a good sales funnel to create new customers and engage existing customers so
    that they come back. First, make sure that your landing pages are seamless, mobile
    friendly, and easy to navigate. Include compelling call-to-actions in your content.
    Incorporate UGC (user-generated content) in your content strategy to enhance brand
    perception and use paid media strategically to gain new leads and engage existing ones.

Sound like a lot of work? We eat, sleep, and breathe social media. Hire a team who loves your
brand as much as you do and wants to see you reach (and exceed!) your goals.