Welcome to:

The Social Media Incubator

Over 9 months, consider ALL your social media handled. We’ll develop a customized organic growth strategy that leads to an engaged community, increased metrics, more robust marketing efforts, loyal (repeat) customers, and raving fans.

At the end of this program, you’ll feel 100% confident and capable of taking over your social media.


Hop on our waiting list and book a  complimentary discovery call to make sure we’re all shiny and copacetic
(aka that this program is the perfect fit!) 

If your intern is in charge of your social media…

Or your social channels are NOT doing your ground-breaking brand justice… 

Or you have no idea how social fits into your entire marketing strategy (hint: it should)…

Or you’ve basically ignored social until now…

🥂But first, let’s toast

 to your booming business! 

If all signs are showing it’s time to LAUNCH a wildly successful social media campaign that’s beautiful, engaging, and deeply tied to your entire marketing strategy — then those are some champagne problems, my friend.  (And a very exciting place to be.)

But the future of your brand NEEDS a strategic social media presence…

…So your soon-to-be fans can easily fall in love at first sight with what you do! ❤️

(And lead to MORE awareness, impact, and conversions. #quimbysauce)


Cute dances, funny memes, GOING VIRAL, and vanity sociometrics like followers and likes.
Social is often viewed as a “nice-to-have” add-on instead of a critical, strategic piece of the overall marketing puzzle.


Customer service, tying into a broader digital marketing strategy, KPIs, building community and engaging with them, brand awareness, and so, so, soooo much more!

But social media is also a lot of fun! So if cute dances, memes, playful trends, and boosting your audience fit into your social strategy, the more, the merrier.

All the Goodies in The Social Media Incubator:

Phase One

  • Introduction to the team and fractional CMO who will holistically assess the business and advise on overall strategy and specific initiatives
  • A guided, step-by-step onboarding milestones document
  • An overarching marketing strategy encompassing your: mission & vision, company objectives, brand positioning, target audience, marketing channels, and product positioning
  • Two 1-hour sessions with your fractional CMO
  • Brand audit to determine if new materials need to be created or if a rebrand is needed

Phase Two

  • You are introduced to the rest of your dream team: copywriter, designer, and community manager
  • Your pod of experts create a mock grid so you can see your social visual identity on every social channel to easily identify opportunities
  • Social media strategy and campaign pillars are tailored to your KPI’s and finalized

Phase Three

  • The “hero channel” (aka, the channel we think will drive the most value) and secondary channel are chosen based on audience data and launched
  • Content is created in 2-week sprints throughout this phase – ensuring you have a reliable flow for your fans
  • A monthly & quarterly analytics report – to keep you in-the-know on every step we’re taking to craft your marketing
  • We’ll consistently check in on the marketing strategy and make pivots when needed

Phase Four

  • Once we’ve gotten steam on the hero channels, additional social channels are launched
  • We’ll educate you on paid social and influencer campaigns with the option to add a budget for both services
  • Monthly and quarterly analytics reports on all channels
  • Leverage analytics to readjust the campaigns and social strategy as needed
  • The opportunity to connect with other members to cross-promote

Phase Five

  • Receive a wrap up report where we will share successes on your journey and help prepare you for your next step — whether it’s continuing social media marketing on your own or continuing services with us
  • Canva templates based on your strategic campaigns

Get access to everything listed for:

Am I right for The Social Media Incubator:? 

Well, have you…

  • Outgrown your current branding, just launching your channels, or need to rethink your social media?
  • Realized your social media doesn’t match your overall brand messaging or aesthetic?
  • Discovered your marketing strategy is sorely out of date (or you don’t even HAVE one)?
  • Never actually paid attention to your social media before, but are rapidly growing and now realizing you need to?!

Then, welcome, and let’s get ready to go!

But how do I know if I’m not right for this?

If you…

  • Don’t (yet) have a well-established business and are hoping that social will somehow save the day 
  • Think going viral on social media is the answer to all your problems
  • Are a solo entrepreneur who doesn’t have a team or the budget for done-for-you social media marketing
  • Are looking to get a specific amount of money or a certain amount of sales out of this (this is a long haul, not a short fix)

Then this program might not be right for you.

We’ve got answers to your questions:

When is the start date?

We launch rounds every 60 days starting in April 2023. (April, June, August, October, December — you get the idea.) Get on the waitlist to make sure you don’t miss out when we open the doors!

Why is there a waitlist?

This program is INCREDIBLY high-touch. So we can only take on a few clients at a time. Good things come to those who wait!

What do I need to get started?

A business that is established and experiencing some success, a healthy marketing budget, and the feeling that social is an integral part of your business.

What results can I expect?

Customized strategy, expert advice and guidance, and authentic growth toward your goals.

How do I know I’m a good fit for this?

You see the value in this; you’re not looking for vanity metrics and have the budget for this level of done-for-you marketing.