So Many Platforms So Little Time

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Deciding which social media platforms best fit your brand is the first step to creating a successful social media strategy. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be on every social media platform to grow your brand and conversions. This guide to each platform will help you decide which platforms best suit your brand and help you be more intentional when creating content.


Strategy: Facebook is the perfect platform to build your brand, grow an engaged following, start conversations, and run targeted ads. Despite the older demographic and newer platforms becoming more popular, this platform still has the largest following and presents huge potential for brands to share their story and create life-long customers.Content: Text, image, and video content all perform well on this platform. Visual content performs well and having a good balance of promotional vs. inspirational content is a good practice as your fans won’t stay engaged if they feel you are pushing your product or service too much. Boosting posts regularly will increase your reach and engagement.Engagement: Having a large following is great, but building an engaged following is the goal. Many brands put content out on their social pages but never actually engage with their followers and other accounts. A good engagement strategy includes responding to questions and comments as well as engaging with other pages that are in line with your message and brand.


Strategy: Twitter is used to share thoughts, be a part of trending conversations, keep up with news, and connect with influencers. Twitter has a large male following and politics, sports, and celebrities tend to dominate this space which can make it hard for brands to grow a following. You can use this platform strategically by tapping into trending conversations. Content: Text posts perform better than image posts and image posts perform better than video posts which makes Twitter the one platform where strong visual assets aren’t your main goal. Blogs, articles, trending conversations, opinion pieces, quotes, and tips are some of the top performing content on Twitter. Engagement is over 80% higher for tweets that contain links and 17% higher for tweets under 100 characters. We suggest picking a few topics that relate to your brand and sharing interesting, thoughtful content that will grab your followers’ attention and adding two carefully chosen hashtags.Engagement: Like with all platforms, having a solid engagement strategy on Twitter is paramount, and you can really dive into hashtags and trending topics to retweet relevant content and engage in larger conversations.


Strategy: On Instagram, it’s all about your feed and how unique and eye-catching your visuals are. As this platform hosts a younger demographic and tons of brands are competing for customers’ attention, it’s important to have a well thought out content, creative, hashtag, and engagement strategy for your brand to stand out among the crowd. Reels are an important part of any strategy and should be used in tandem with stories to create an engaging page.Content: The majority of your content strategy needs to focus on how to make your account aesthetically pleasing with supporting copy that’s engaging as 90% of people will just scroll by unless you manage to grab their attention. Videos perform way better than static imagery on this platform. Being over promotional will not work on Instagram. You have a unique opportunity to display a different side of your brand, product, or service by taking people behind the scenes, showing your company culture, and even showcasing your products in a different, more interesting way.Engagement: Instagram offers a unique opportunity to engage with followers and brands by liking posts and sharing relevant content to your Stories, as well as creating relatable Stories and Reels that are sure to reach a wider audience than traditional content methods.


Strategy: As a primarily B2B platform, LinkedIn affords marketers an opportunity to connect with professionals in the same industry and new potential customers. When you post more than five times per week, your engagement drops significantly on LinkedIn, so we suggest only posting a few times a week and choosing these posts very strategically. LinkedIn needs buy in from your organization as a whole—it takes a village to grow on this platform so rope in the team and get sharing!Content: The best type of content on this platform is blog posts, industry news and stats, company milestones and updates, quick tips and how-tos, and insightful content surrounding your sphere of expertise. No more than five carefully chosen hashtags should be added to each post to increase reach or you will be marked as spam.Engagement: Engagement on LinkedIn is a little tricky because you cannot engage easily as a company page with other company pages or follow them. Follow three hashtags that sum up your brand best and engage on the hashtag feed daily and find pages within your sphere of influence to engage on directly/follow with your personal LinkedIn page.


Strategy: This purely video-based platform has created an opportunity to relate to younger demographics through entertaining, relatable content. The best TikToks convey your message in 30-seconds or less and use strategic hashtags to broadcast your video to your target audience. On TikTok, more is better! Some content creators such as Nadya Okamoto post 20-50 times a day on TikTok.Content: Trending TikTok songs and sounds, being a thought leader in a relatable way, using fun effects, and making use of good video quality and editing are all ways to make your TikTok content engaging and effective. Your imagination is the limit with this engaging platform.Engagement: As with all platforms, engaging daily is imperative to grow a thriving account. Follow accounts that inspire you and engage on hashtags that are in line with your brand and message.


Social media success doesn’t happen by accident, it takes time, effort, and strategic thought. That’s where we thrive. If you’re looking for an experienced team of passionate creatives that have grown big and small brands in a variety of industries, we’re ready to level up your social media game. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s connect!