Stardust is a cycle tracker based on lunar – menstrual synchronicity. It integrates science, astronomy and artificial intelligence to connect your hormonal cycle with the cycles of larger celestial bodies: the stars, planets, sun and moon.


Grew instagram from 10,000-23,000 followers.
Received Verified Instagram Check.

1.5 million views

Stardust went viral and gained over 90,000 followers on Tiktok


Application received over 60,000 downloads on single organic social campaign.

One night, Rachel wished she could substantially grow her audience on Instagram and TikTok. Quimby flew in her window and completely took over all things design and strategy. We even helped boost her confidence to go on camera and sourced content creators to bring her brand to life!

Rachel said, “Our growth exploded. Quimby has become one of the most essential parts of our business. We love them.” After a few months, Stardust went viral, gained over 90,000 followers on Tiktok , and scored 60,000+ downloads. We even helped them navigate a TikTok PR nightmare with high-touch grace and ease… and Stardust continues to live happily ever after.

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