Space Capital

Space Capital is a seed stage venture capital firm investing in the space economy, specifically focused on unlocking the value in space technology stacks such as GPS, geospatial intelligence, and communications. Space Capital manages over $80 million in assets.

109,302 impressions

109,302 impressions,
5,220 engagements,
41,948 video views

337,724 impressions

337,724 impressions,
9,881 engagements,
1,824 post link clicks,
3,235 video views

305,286 impressions

305,286 impressions,
14,362 engagements,
8,412 post link clicks

Once, there was a company called Space Capital, amazing experts in the field of VC and the Space Economy. The only problem? They needed a magical social media presence to back up their street cred.

Enter Quimby! We arrived with a comprehensive social media strategy and influencer campaign. Thanks to our efforts, Space Capital expanded its reach across every social channel — gaining thousands of new followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, over 20,000 views on reels, and achieving an average of 414.9% higher engagement!

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