Rochester New York FC is an American professional soccer team based in Rochester, New York. Formerly known as the Rochester Rhinos, they were the only non-MLS team to win the U.S. Open Cup since the league’s formation. The team returned in 2022 as the first-ever independent club in league history to compete in the MLS NEXT Pro league. 

1,317,709 video views

4,205,468 impressions, 165,557 engagements, 1,317,709 video views

2,503,371 impressions

2,503,371 impressions,
96,617 engagements,
20,785 post link clicks,
122,885 video views

3,368,257 impressions

3,368,257 impressions,
135,544 engagements,
5,673 post link clicks,
127,386 video views

In the not-so-mythical land of Rochester, the RNYFC (a professional soccer team) needed a quick and nimble squad to help grow their fanbase. So Quimby took the ball and ran with it!

We assigned a dedicated writer on game nights for live tweeting and recaps. And we brought on a full bench of top social media experts to handle engagement and account management while preserving their authentic brand identity and curated aesthetic. For RNYFC, they could focus on scoring goals while we racked up the wins with their growing audience.

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