Pierre’s Ice Cream is an Ohio-based premium ice cream company founded in 1932, producing fresh, smooth, and creamy ice cream, frozen dairy desserts, sorbets, and sherbets. Pierre’s is a brand for the whole family and an anchor in the Cleveland community, delivering 100% satisfaction in every scoop!

684,093 impressions

684,093 impressions,
7,352 engagements,
37,292 video views

2,937,760 impressions

2,937,760 impressions, 424,818 engagements,
8,825 post link clicks,
1,257,397 video views

13,758 impressions

13,758 impressions,
650 engagements,
332 post link clicks,
220 total audience growth

There was once an innovative brand, Pierre’s, that wanted to reinvent itself on social media and increase brand awareness. While they were ready to resonate with a younger audience, they didn’t want to dilute their presentation by using celebrity images or memes. Quimby heard their cry and shifted into visually whimsical posts, using creativity and UGC to penetrate trendy topics for increased brand exposure.

Thanks to us, their (then exhausted) internal team could shift away from social and focus on what they do best while we took 100% of social media off their plate (even getting them verified on Instagram in the process)!

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