Antigua Apparel

Antigua Apparel is a versatile apparel brand established in 1976, born out of an insatiable desire to arrive comfortably for all of life’s adventures. Antigua’s legacy lies within golf, but has expanded to encompass attire across all sports, including the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and MLS, as well as many Colleges and Universities.

574,050 impressions

574,050 impressions (93,546% increase),
2,651 engagements

2,999,592 impressions

2,999,592 impressions (7,332.8% increase),
98,501 engagements,
62,857 post link clicks

19,870 impressions

19,870 impressions (116,782.4% increase),
803 engagements

While Antigua Apparel made a hole-in-one in the golf world as a leading sports brand… they dreamed of attracting a wider audience. Quimby came on board and presented a whole slate of strategies built around their content and aesthetics. We successfully overhauled every stitch of the brand, creating UGC to appeal to a larger crowd —even running their first giveaway!

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