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Laura Alexandria Marketing’s team is full of passionate creatives all over the world who specialize in social media management, advertising, digital strategy, and design. We wanted to use this blog post to introduce some of them and share a little about their backgrounds.

With a core group of LAM leaders and more than a dozen freelancers, our talented team is composed of individuals from all walks of life. Even though we have been around for only two years (and hit the ground running during a pandemic no less), LAM has grown incredibly fast.

We are still the same detail-oriented agency that thrives on personal touchpoints with each of our amazing clients, and we’re so grateful for the amazing humans that make up the LAM team. All of our different points of view allow us to cleverly work with all sorts of clients, making sure we provide both balanced and interesting content and strategies.

Here are 13 things you didn’t know about the LAM fam.

LAM Founder and Owner Ashley has been an aspiring writer since she was in grade school, and her goal in life is to write a fantasy novel that incorporates her love of all things supernatural.

Design Director Sorcha is from Cincinnati, OH, currently resides in Michigan, and hopes to soon live the van life. She also owns multiple disco balls.

LAM Content Writer Sarah (hi, that’s me 👋 ) is from Metuchen, NJ and is currently based in Cleveland, OH. She went to farm camp at The Farm School in Athol, MA for multiple summers as a teenager.

Head of Engagement Jana owns a Holland Lop bunny named Napoleon.

Growth Manager Taryn grew up in Cleveland, OH and has lived all over the Great Lakes. She is currently in Chicago, IL but is relocating to Austin, TX soon. She’s excited for her first winter hopefully without snow, and she can recite her ABCs backward in under four seconds.

Business Manager Sam is Cleveland, OH-born and raised, currently resides in Ashtabula, OH, and grew up on an alpaca farm.

Account Manager Rachel is a native Latinx Texan, her favorite drink is a spicy mango margarita, and growing up, she had tarantulas as pets.

Account Manager Ellyn started skating at three years old, she grew up playing ice hockey, and she was a goalie.

Account Manager Maria lives in sunny San Diego, CA and her secret skill is alphabetizing the letters of a word faster than most people can spell the word. She’s also an author who is currently working on several books.

Copywriter Britteny owns a liquor store in Belize and hopes to one day open a vegan bakery.

Copywriter Kirstin is a South Africa-based gamer with an addiction to diaries, physical to-do lists, and sticky notes, which is great when it comes to deadlines and being creative.

Administrator Kayla sneezes like a mouse. Really.

Virtual Assistant Stephanie is based in Toronto, Canada and, before administration, her passion was in the culinary arts (she has since lost most of her sense of smell). She plans to live her last years on an island off the northeastern coast of Brazil.

We hope you enjoyed learning about us. We can’t wait to learn about you.

Our diverse talents, backgrounds, and passions make us great at what we do and allow us to sprinkle our own magic on a variety of brands and clients. Digital media is composed of lots of complex parts, and the fabulous women of LAM are always here for you.

We help businesses increase reach and impressions, gain new organic followers, receive more profile page visits, and reinforce their brand presences across all social media platforms.

You can set up your free consultation here. We look forward to learning more about you and your business!

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